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Booking and reservation procedures change depending on your membership type and the week you wish to book.

Quick Booking Guide

How to make a booking

Contact Sun International Central Reservations (CRO) at +27 (0)11 780 7800 or fax request to +27 (0)11 780 7443 alternatively you may e-mail:

  1. Quote your Sun International Vacation Club Member number.
  2. Flexi members: Request the resort and dates you wish to occupy.
    Peak Week members: Confirm your Peak Week.
  3. The reservation confirmation letter will be posted, faxed or e-mailed to you.
  4. Retain the reservation confirmation letter to obtain entrance at the resort requested.


  • Flexi members book at least 90 days prior to the end of your anniversary period.
  • Peak week members contact CRO a minimum of 90 days prior to your peak week falling due, either to reserve your week or to reserve flexi space.
  • Advance reservations will only be allowed provided that the subscription fee is paid up or that the debit order is current with no defaults.

How to space-bank with RCI

Contact Sun International Central Reservations (CRO) at +27 (0)11 780 7800 or fax request to +27 (0)11 780 7443 alternatively you may e-mail:

  1. Quote your Sun International Vacation Club Member number.
  2. Flexi members: Request an exchange confirmation letter to bank with RCI. This letter will not reflect specific dates.
    Peak Week members: Confirm your Peak Week.
  3. Once Flexi members have received the exchange confirmation letter and Peak members the confirmation letter, fill in the 9 digit RCI number. Fax it to RCI (South Africa) at +27 (0)11 258 1117 alternatively you may e-mail
  4. Approximately 24 hours later, contact RCI (SA) on +27 (0)11 258 1610 to confirm the space-banking and to exchange your time.

Reservation Rules - General

  1. No reservations may be made in excess of 12 months in advance of the date on which the reservation is requested (a specific time module may be used only once in any particular anniversary year). If a members levy account is in arrears it will be blocked from making a reservation.
  2. Unit numbers are allocated by resort management prior to arrival. Members may request specific units with central reservations directly & confirm the request with the resorts.
  3. To secure a full week the member must have acquired both a mid-week and a weekend membership.
  4. The number of modules acquired by a member determines the number of units that may be used during a particular anniversary year.
  5. Flexi modules will be reserved through Sun International Central Reservations on a first come first served basis, without any preferential bias.
  6. Members may transfer the use of their reserved module/s to other named persons. The relevant section of the confirmation letter must then be completed. Entry at the relevant resort gate will only be allowed on presentation of this confirmation letter. The member remains liable for any damage caused by such member's guest(s).
  7. Club members will only be able to reserve within the parameters of the particular module type/s held, i.e. weekend and midweek.
  8. Should members use less than the day's to which they are entitled, no credit will be carried over and the full subscription fee remains due.
  9. No rental pool facility for the members will be provided by Sun International.
  10. Flexi members only may change their reservation dates and this must be done 21 days or prior to the members arrival date. A booking fee of R300 will be charged for changes made per reservation. The revised date(s) must be within the flexi members' anniversary cycle otherwise the member will forfeit their time should they not bank this with RCI. A reservation cannot be changed or cancelled should the member request a change to the reservation date 20 days or less prior to a members arrival date. Members may space bank this with RCI and request an exchange. The exchange fees are payable to RCI on confirmation of a successful exchange.
  11. Servicing of units is done Monday to Sunday. Upon check-in complimentary guest supplies are supplied as a starter pack only.
  12. Peak weeks are resort specific and must be used as designated by the annual calendar. Peak week modules cannot be transferred, converted or exchanged for a different peak week unless space banked with RCI within their terms and conditions.
  13. Unit requests can be made with the resort. Please note this request is not guaranteed.

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