Sun Vacation Club

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Frequently Asked Questions - Phase 1

What is Sun International Vacation Club (SIVC)?
It is an Association of members not for gain, controlled by a Constitution and subject to Section 10 (1) (e) of the Income Tax Act, which operates a timeshare scheme in terms of the Property Timeshare Act, 75 of 1983, at Sun City. View the Constitution.
Who is responsible for the governance of SIVC?
Why is an annual levy / subscription fee raised?
What is Timeshare?
How do I get exclusive use of accommodation at Sun City?
What are the costs involved in obtaining a membership?
When can I start to book my timeshare?
Do I have the right to cancel the contract and get a refund of monies paid?
Do I always have to use my timeshare at Sun City?
How do I become a member of RCI and do I have to pay for it?
How are purchase and selling prices calculated?
Would I be notified when levies are increased and due?
What is an Anniversary Occupation Period?
What is a time module?
How many times a year may I use my timeshare (time module)?
If I cannot / do want to use my timeshare in a specific anniversary year what else can I do with it?
How long in advance can I make a booking?
Where is Sun City?

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