MVG Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Membership

General MVG

  • Membership to the Most Valued Guest (MVG) Loyalty Programme is free. Official identification is required to join the MVG Programme.
  • MVG Cardholders must be over 18 years of age and legally able to participate in the MVG Programme.
  • Only natural persons are eligible to participate in the MVG Programme, this programme is not open to corporates, companies and/or syndicates.
  • MVG membership is not transferable and only one membership per person is permitted. MVG benefits are not transferable and may only be used by the MVG cardholder. The MVG cardholder may not sell their MVG points or benefits or rewards.  In the event that Sun International becomes aware of any transfer of benefits or rewards it may terminate membership immediately.
  • By participating in the Sun International MVG Programme, MVG cardholders agree to the conditions of membership, rules and terms and conditions of the MVG Programme.
  • Sun International reserves the right to change the conditions of membership at any time, including programme rules and regulations, rewards and benefits, special offers, awards, points, expiry periods, rates at which points are earned, and participating casinos, insofar as they relate to the MVG Programme.
  • Membership is not open to Sun International employees or members of their immediate families, dependents or persons residing in the same household.
  • In the event of a dispute in respect of any of the conditions of membership, the decision of Sun International shall be final and binding on the MVG cardholder.
  • Sun International reserves the right to deny application for membership or terminate membership at any time in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • If the MVG cardholder has not complied with the MVG Programme in any manner, or contravened the conditions of membership, rules, terms and conditions and/or misused the MVG card, (including but not limited to fraudulent behaviour, misrepresentation or improper conduct), and/or contravened the rules or code of conduct at any casino or property, as determined by Sun International in its sole and absolute discretion, Sun International may terminate the MVG cardholder's membership.
  • Individuals who are excluded from Sun International facilities, through the Gambling Boards; at their own request; at the sole discretion of Sun International; or any other means; are not eligible to participate in the MVG Programme.  They are, however, able to continue to make use of Sun International resorts facilities at normal leisure rates but may not use the gambling facilities.
  • In the case of fraud or abuse involving the MVG Programme (including improper or fraudulent use of Rewards on the MVG Programme) or abusive conduct toward Sun International employees, and/or Sun International guests, contractors or service providers, Sun International reserves the right to take appropriate administrative and/or civil or and/or criminal action against the MVG cardholder, and all MVG Points accrued and unredeemed Rewards issued through the MVG Programme may be forfeited.  In addition, the MVG card and membership may be revoked at Sun International's sole and absolute discretion.
  • Sun International reserves the right to adjust account status due to computer error, machine malfunction, operator error, fraud or other misuse of the MVG card.
  • Misuse or any action contrary to the conditions of membership, rules, terms and conditions of the MVG Programme must be reported to Sun International immediately.
  • Sun International's MVG benefits are not applicable in conjunction with any other Sun International discounts or promotional offers unless otherwise determined by Sun International, in their sole and absolute discretion.

MVG Cards

  • MVG card status is determined by the number of MVG points earned in a running 12-month period at Sun International casinos:
    • Platinum – 4,500 MVG points; card valid for 1 year from date of issue
    • Gold – 475 MVG points; MVG card valid for 1 year from date of issue
    • Silver – 50 MVG points; MVG card valid for 2 years from date of issue, MVG points to maintain this status is 50 points per year.
    • Maroon – entry level card; MVG Maroon card does not expire.
  • It is the responsibility of the MVG cardholder to ensure his/her MVG card is inserted properly in the machine when playing slots, and to ensure that it is presented to the dealer when playing table games
  • Sun International reserves the right to levy a charge to replace a lost MVG Card.
  • Sun International is not responsible for any loss of monies and/or MVG points resulting from a lost MVG Card and/or misuse.
  • The MVG Card remains the property of Sun International.
  • The MVG Card is not transferable to another person and only the MVG cardholder may use the card awarded to him/her.
  • An optional personal identity number (PIN) can be coded onto the MVG card to protect the MVG card from rewards, tables and cash desk transactions.   Notwithstanding the use of the PIN, Sun International cannot guarantee the protection of any transaction performed by a card and records that on a slot machine.
  • Additional MVG Maroon cards can be linked to the main MVG cardholder if he/she wants to play more than one slot machine at a time and provided the MVG cardholder is personally in control of such machines at all times. Please note that the playing of multiple machines may be limited in busy periods.
  • The MVG card cannot be used as a credit, debit or guarantee card

MVG Points

  • MVG points are valid for a period of twelve months, after which time they expire.  Forfeited points cannot be reclaimed.
  • MVG Points are awarded for play on slots and tables games.
  • Every R500 played through a slot machine will earn 1 point
  • Every R2,000 bet on American Roulette or Poker tables, and every R2,500 bet on all other tables games will earn 1 point
  • MVG points can be accumulated and redeemed for rewards or services at participating Sun International casinos.  Sun International will from time to time issue communication relating to the redemption of rewards, which redemption shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the MVG cardholder.
  • MVG points redemption will not affect the status of the MVG card
  • MVG Points earned using a spouse/partner linked MVG card shall accrue to the named main MVG cardholder, but may be redeemed using the main member's MVG card or any of the linked cards.
  • MVG Points' balances are non-transferable, including upon death and divorce.
  • Sun International uses reasonable efforts to track an MVG cardholders' average bet and length of play; but cannot attest to the accuracy of play recorded on its systems. The determination of Sun International shall be final with respect to any discrepancies.
  • In lieu of termination, Sun International may at its sole and absolute discretion deduct MVG points and/or complimentary benefits from the MVG cardholders account and/or change the MVG cardholders' status.
  • Sun International reserves the right to adjust MVG Points for the settlement of merchandise, rooms, food, beverage, events or any other expense.


  • Any MVG cardholder may at any time opt-out of communications with Sun International and the member shall notify Sun International in writing or via the MVG desk at any Sun International casino of such election to opt-out.
  • The onus shall be on the MVG cardholder to advise Sun International of any change of address and Sun International shall have no obligation to follow up with the MVG cardholder in this regard
  • In order to keep MVG cardholders informed regarding their Points and Rewards and to make  MVG Programme benefits available to MVG cardholders, it is important that Sun International process the MVG cardholder information on a central computer database and  send MVG cardholders certain  Programme information as well as printed or email marketing materials from Sun International which will inform MVG cardholders of special offers and promotions that may be of interest to MVG cardholder
  • Each MVG cardholder has the right, in accordance with the relevant legislation, to (a) obtain access to his/her personal information being held by Sun International; and (b) request the correction of his/her personal information; or (c) request the deletion of his/her personal information being held by Sun International.
  • Sun International reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request, to avoid liability, or to protect our rights or property.
  • Sun International will not sell, trade, rent or release such information to entities outside of Sun International casinos and hotels, for their use without approval from the member and giving them the opportunity to opt-out.

Direct Offers

  • No person under the age of 18 is allowed to gamble or participate in this promotional offer;
  • Any person who has been issued with a banning notice, or who is self-excluded, or who falls into the category of excluded persons, is expressly prohibited from participating in any casino issued offer.
  • This offer is closed to any persons who are directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants of or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the company or marketing service providers, or spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.
  • MVG cardholders that qualify to receive this offer will be selected by way of specific predetermined criteria as stipulated in the offer.
  • Offers will only be communicated to MVG cardholders via their specified channel of communication.
  • Sun International relies on third parties for all postal  deliveries and for communication via any other medium and/ or channel and will not be held responsible for late or no delivery of communication in any form of communication whatsoever.
  • Offers must be redeemed within the date ranges and times indicated on the mailer/ offer.  The onus rests on the participant to ensure that offers are timeously redeemed.
  • Valid MVG card and positive and acceptable form of identification (as determined by Sun International) is required upon request when redeeming offers.
  • Under no circumstances will extensions be granted for offers unless otherwise determined by Sun International in their sole and absolute discretion.
  • Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  • Unless otherwise determined by Sun International offers are not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash, non- negotiable chips, and points or through any other form of consideration.
  • Promotional rewards will only be issued within the promotional period once the required points have been earned.
  • Room offers are subject to availability.  Bookings are essential.
  • All decisions are final and binding and no correspondence or appeals will be entered into.
  • Any person transgressing the rules of this offer will be disqualified and will forfeit redemption and may stand to be disqualifies from further participation in future offers.
  • In the event of technical failure or damage to the device used for promotional offers, irrespective of the cause for such technical failure or damage, another suitable device or method may be used, at the sole discretion of Sun International.
  • By participating in a promotional offer every participant is deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the rules, terms and conditions relating to such offer.
  • The above terms and conditions are severable from each other. Should any term, condition or part thereof be found to be unenforceable by operation of the law, such term, condition or part thereof will be severed, and the remaining terms and conditions shall be of force and effect.  The terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the terms on the offer and in the event of a conflict, the terms of the offer shall prevail.
  • Copies of these rules are available at the Loyalty Clubdesk upon request and at

Rules with complete offer available at MVG desk and

MVG Accommodation and Reservations

  • MVG discounts are applicable to all MVG Platinum, Gold and Silver cardholders.
  • MVG Maroon cardholders are entitled to the Best Available Rate.
  • MVG accommodation discounts are offered for one room for a maximum of three consecutive nights
  • All MVG accommodation offers and discounts are subject to availability.
  • A valid MVG card and identity document must  be presented to reception on check-in at the hotel
  • The Platinum Dream Holiday is an exclusive holiday open to all Platinum MVG cardholders who have a valid platinum card.
  •                5 FREE consecutive nights at Wild Coast Sun
  •                5 FREE consecutive nights at Royal Swazi Spa
  •                3 FREE consecutive nights at Sun City
  • This benefit is valid until 30 June 2015
  • The Platinum Dream Holiday is inclusive of breakfast for 2 adults.
  • Sun International will try to accommodate you and your children (under the age of 18) in a family room, however should family rooms not be available, a second room may be made available to you at the applicable tier discount
  • All other standard Sun International terms and conditions for booking, deposits, stays and cancellations apply.
  • Accommodation discounts are allocated to an MVG cardholder's account.
  • MVG offers a discounted rate.  Bookings cannot be concurrent.  A minimum of five days apart.
  • Selling or transferring constitutes fraud

Online Booking Terms and Conditions

  • This agreement governs your use of this internet website and constitutes an agreement between yourself and the Hotel and/or Sun International and you understand and agree that the Hotel may impose further terms and conditions in respect of your stay.
  • You agree to provide certain personal information (such as your identity or passport number, residential address and contact details) to Sun International and the Hotel for the purpose of making the booking.
  • You will be required to present your MVG card together with proof of identity when you check in at the Hotel.  In the event that the details on the MVG Card do not match the details on your identification documents, the Hotel may cancel your booking and any deposit paid shall be forfeited.

Deposits & Pre Payments

  • When making reservations online, the booking will be secured by making payment for the first night's accommodation. Payment must be made by way of a credit card at the time of making the reservation. The reservation will be guaranteed on the express understanding that payment will be made by debiting the aforementioned credit card for the first night's accommodation ("the deposit"). In the event that the reservation is cancelled within 7 days of arrival or should it not be taken up as reserved, the deposit, together with all ancillary charges and taxes related thereto, will be forfeited.
  • Payment on arrival may be required at some Sun International Hotels. All major credit cards are accepted or you may choose to pay the balance cash. You shall make good and be responsible for any damage occasioned to the Hotel which is as a direct result of your actions, irrespective of whether such damage is caused by your negligence, gross negligence or wilful conduct.

General Terms & Conditions for reservations

  • Sun International may, in its sole and absolute discretion, confirm a booking in writing.
  • By making an on-line booking, you warrant that you are over the age of 18. In the event that you are under the age of 18, please contact the Hotel to make booking arrangements. Sun International accepts no liability for any booking made by persons under the age of 18 and the legal guardian of any minor making such booking shall be held responsible for any and all charges related thereto.
  • The parties to the contract are you and Sun International. You may not transfer and/or on sell any of the accommodation booked through this website to any third party unless the prior written consent of the Hotel is obtained.
  • Sun International accepts no liability for the accuracy and/or completeness of the information provided unless same is as a result of gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of Sun International. It is recorded that the rate may change from time to time and the rate quoted in respect of an on-line booking is the rate available at the date and time of making the online booking. Sun International records that the rate quoted in the on-line booking may change on notice and by agreement with you. In the event that you wish to extend your stay, the rate offered to you for such extension may be different to the rate quoted at the time of making the on-line booking. Please note further that, should you reduce the period of your stay, then the rate applicable to such shorter period may, at the Hotel's discretion, be different to the rate quoted for the original on-line booking.
  • Sun International records that the website may from time to time be subject to routine enhancements, maintenance and upgrades and accepts no liability for any error and/or miscommunication that may occur at such time.
  • The trademarks, text, logo's, images, diagrams, pictures and like information ("the information") contained on the website are the property of Sun International and protected by copyright. You may not copy and/or use the information unless the express prior written consent of Sun International has been obtained.
  • Sun International accepts no liability for any loss or damage to your computer or interception or use of credit card information as a result of computer virus, bugs, tampering or unauthorised intervention of the Sun International website or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Sun International.
  • This agreement shall be governed by South African law and the guest submits to the jurisdiction of the South African courts in respect of any issue that may arise from this agreement.
  • In the event that this booking is made in response to a promotional offer and or campaign, the terms and conditions of the promotional offer or campaign shall prevail.

Check in & Check out times

Please note that check in time is from 14h00 and check out is at 11h00. Late check-out is subject to room availability and a surcharge. Positive identification in the form of a passport, driver's license or ID book and valid MVG card for South African residents will be required at check in.


Sun International supports responsible gambling. Gambling for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop.

National Responsible Gambling toll-free counselling line 0800 006 008. Sun International Casinos are licensed Casinos. For more information visit: Responsible Gambling