Corporate Governance Report

Sun International recognises that good corporate governance primarily involves the establishment of structures and processes, with appropriate checks and balances that enable directors (and management) to discharge their regal responsibilities and oversee compliance with legislation. Sun International's commitment to ethical leadership and the demonstration of sound corporate governance practices remains underpinned by the pillars of our responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency to all stakeholders. View Sun International's approach to Corporate Governance during the 2014 financial year.

King IIII Assessment Register

With the view to facilitating transparency and more detailed information by the board to stakeholders, a King III assessment register has been compiled detailing the extent to which Sun International applies the 75 principles referenced in the King III Code. View Sun International's King III Assessment Register.

Code of Ethics

The Sun International Group remains committed to ethical and responsible leadership. Our leaders are held accountable for sound corporate governance practices which are embedded throughout the Group's companies, in all jurisdictions in which we operate. View our commitment to all of our stakeholders as detailed in our Code of Ethics.

​Our Commitment to our Stakeholders

The Sun International Group remains committed to ethical leadership and demonstrating sound corporate governance practices which are embedded throughout the Group companies, in all the jurisdictions in which the Group operates. Our commitment remains underpinned by the pillars of our responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency to all stakeholders resulting in the creation and preservation of the Group's long term sustainability thereby delivering value to all stakeholders. The Group, having embraced best practice governance requirements, has effectively been implementing and reporting on a broad spectrum of governance principles over the years.​​

Board Charter

The Sun International Limited board, in providing effective and responsible leadership, remains the custodian of the Group's ethical values and is the focal point of the Group's corporate governance system. The board is ultimately accountable and responsible for the key governance processes and the sustainable growth, performance and affairs of the Group, taking into account the legitimate interests and expectations of all stakeholders. The board is regulated by a board charter which is reviewed annually and details the manner in which the business is to be conducted in accordance with the principles of sound corporate governance and organisational integrity. View the full Board Charter.

Committee Terms of Reference

The Sun International board is authorised to form committees to assist in the execution of its duties, powers and authorities. The board has seven standing committees namely audit, investment, nomination, remuneration, risk (together with its IT governance sub-committee) and social and ethics. Each board committee has its own terms of reference that is approved by the board. The various committees terms of reference are reviewed by the board (and each respective committee) on an annual basis to ensure that the terms of reference remain current, relevant and reflect an appropriate focus. View the committees' Terms of Reference.

PAIA Manual

Sun International is committed to fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. With the view to ensuring that members of the public have effective access to information in Sun International's possession which may assist them in the exercise and protection of their rights, a manual giving information to the public regarding the procedure to be followed in requesting information from Sun International hasbeen compiled. View Sun International's documented approach to the Promotion of Access to Information Act.​


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