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  • Pilanesberg National Park

    Pilanesberg National Park

    The Pilanesberg National Park is an ideal South African safari venue, as it is Malaria-free, a mere 187 kilometres from Johannesburg and right on the Sun City Resort’s doorstep. It is home to Africa’s Big Five – Lion, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Rhinoceros and Leopard – and they, along with other spectacular African animals, roam free within the Pilanesberg’s 55,000 hectares of land.
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    Subsequent to our notice about the closure of the Elephant Wallow for renovations for July and August, it is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement our elephants after a working life of almost 20 years, with the last 12 being spent at Sun City. We will close all commercial operations as of the end of August 2014. We trust you share our excitement at the prospect of rehabilitating Sapi, Mana, Michael, Sharu, Chikwenya, together with her siblings, Tidimalo and Ngwedi back into the wild.


    The African bush is a place of savage beauty and mystery, and the Sun City Resort takes you right to the heart of it.

    Experience a true African safari that will let you see into the world of the fiercest and finest in the animal kingdom. The wildlife is even more magnificent than you could possibly imagine and expert game rangers are there to ensure sure you don't miss a thing in your quest for the glorious Big Five – lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard. These are all found in Pilanesberg Nature Reserve. Your game viewing experience is what you choose it to be – do it comfort of a game vehicle, on foot with a game ranger, on the back of a horse, or soaring over the open savannah in a hot air balloon.

    If you like your wildlife a little less wild, you can enjoy the Animal World and the Bird Sanctuary for a closer look at the majestic birds of prey or see the crocodiles at Kwena Gardens without having to leave the Resort.

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    Safari & Wildlife Contact Details

    Mankwe Gametrackers: +27 14 552 5020 | |

    Kwena Gardens: +27 14 552 1262 | |

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  • Animal World

    Animal World

    Animal World is a remarkable fun and educational wildlife experience for people of all ages. This free activity is based on the edge of the Cabanas lawns and is home to a huge variety of birds and animals, including our very own pair of Blue Cranes.
  • Kwena Gardens

    Kwena Gardens

    Kwena Gardens (‘kwena’ is the Tswana word for ‘crocodile’) is a crocodile sanctuary that’s home to 7000 crocs, including Arnold (aka the Terminator), the world’s biggest captive Nile crocodile. Here you can learn about crocodiles, watch them feeding and even get to hold a baby crocodile.
  • Bird Sanctuary

    Bird Sanctuary

    The bird aviary is the perfect place to observe our birds of prey and admire our parrots, owls, falcons, vultures, ducks, swans, sacred white ibises, black storks and blue cranes. Our peacocks roam freely, much to our guests delight.

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