Sustainability Strategy

EarthGlow's sustainability strategy comprises nine pillars:

Climate change

Climate change is an important consideration for our business. Sun International has embarked on a carbon footprinting and disclosure programme and our baseline carbon footprint has been determined for 2011 and 2012. This means we have considered our direct emissions (Scope 1) and indirect emissions associated with electricity usage (Scope 2). We have applied the internationally recognised guide to this exercise, known as the GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol). The next step in this journey will be to formulate a strategy to address the challenges and opportunities resulting from climate change, including carbon emissions reduction.

Resource conservation

We are cognisant of impacting on our surroundings and have introduced measures to ensure the best possible management of scarce water and energy resources as well as tackling waste, biodiversity and land management. Sun International is committed to lightening the load on the environment and we continually review our initiatives to check that we are meeting goals efficiently and measurably.


Community investment

Our operations have profound implications for local economies through job creation and local economic multipliers. We recognise that this is a symbiotic relationship as we depend heavily on the goodwill and stability of the communities in which we operate. We invest in communities through socio-economic development (SED), enterprise development (ED) and training / skills development activities.

We align our SED spend with business requirements, selecting projects that are viable and sustainable in the long term and focusing on projects that empower local communities through education, health and welfare, and development via sports, arts and culture.

We know this isn't a quick fix and that we can't do it alone – but investing in our people's communities is about investing in tomorrow.

A sustainability friendly corporate culture

Intention is the first step of any change / consciousness programme. To help it gather and maintain momentum, we need to shift behavior. This starts with our people and the process has already begun. It includes an interactive EarthGlow sustainability education and training programme for all staff, with monitoring and evaluation follow ups to incentivize behavior change. Clients, suppliers and other stakeholders will be engaged through ongoing sustainability initiatives across the Group.

Sustainability partnerships

Partnering with like-minded organisations can help leverage what we as individual organisations can do, helping identify project opportunities, channel efforts and co-ordinate activities for greater positive impact. This for example enables us to participate in global projects that guests can support with minimal effort required on their part. That way, our guests can relax, assured that we are taking care of the corners of the planet where we operate.

We have forged strategic 'green alliances' with recognised environmental groups such as World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), of which Sun International is a Principal Corporate Member. Meet the partners that help us in our commitment to be responsible hosts and guests of the communities we serve.


Legal compliance

As a responsible corporate citizen, we comply with and support all environmental laws and regulations, reducing risk and liability in the process.

Best practice Environmental Management System (EMS)

Our alignment with an ISO 14001 EMS ensures global recognition and credibility, and facilitates efficient monitoring and auditing of our performance relative to our goals.

Green procurement

In sourcing environmentally friendly products and exploring alternatives to existing ways of doing things, our suppliers and service providers are also encouraged to examine their own environmental footprint. The net result is that green procurement embeds "green thinking" into the group's value chain.

Transparent performance reporting

As a JSE-listed company, open and transparent communication on environmental matters is a given. Performance reporting also promotes environmental communication and engagement, including goals and achievements, to stakeholders such as employees, guests, investors and tourism markets. Sun International is part of the JSE's Socially Responsible Investment Index, which recognises listed companies incorporating sustainability principles into their everyday business practices.



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